A beautiful way to start 2013



If you knew you would NOT fail this year, what is the one thing you would do differently? What’s the one thing you’d do if you knew you were guaranteed to succeed? Invest everything? Go back to school? Start that dream business? Stop paying rent? Propose to the girl of your dreams?

2013 is a new year, and a new beginning, a time to leave the past behind and press on to what’s ahead. In the bible, every 50th year was the Jubilee and during that year, all that had been lost or taken away was restored. (Lev.25:10) As we listen to and apply God’s word, 2013 – our 50th year as a nation – will be a Jubilee year for the people of Mavuno Church.

It will be a year of freedom and celebration, a year of debt cancellation and release from bondage in…

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TODAY  I visited with the good people of East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) in Nairobi, to talk about cows and milk in our neck of the woods.

Put briefly, EADD works with dairy farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda to help them be smarter and make more money.

As I sat with Moses Nyabila, EADD’s East Africa Regional Director and his colleague Ann Mbiriru, having black coffee and beating about the bush before going into the “big issues” that had taken me there, he mentioned that Kenya’s has 3.5 million cattle.

I wondered if that was too few or too many. He said they were too many. Kenya produces just over 400 million litres of milk a year, and my understanding (and my words here) was that with more efficient and scientific methods of production, it can reduce its cattle herd to 2 million AND STILL DOUBLE production to 800…

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The Congo Crisis burdens me, should East Africans be quiet yet Congo’s prosperity is for our own good?


In the war-torn, mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo, rebels belonging to an armed group known as the M23 have launched a devastating offensive against the government of President Joseph Kabila, capturing the main provincial capital of Goma in the country’s east, according to reports. Though denied by the Rwandan government, many believe the M23 is armed and backed by Rwanda, as regional governments jostle for influence and control over a part of the world blessed with teeming natural wealth but afflicted by decades of war and human-rights abuses.

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The Life of the Party!This is the Season!


Central - The Get Crasher

We are here again – the Christmas season is with us!

What with the parties at home and at the office, the movies, trips to the coast and shagz, the mood, the reunions… The gifts, nyam chom and the carols. It is just the season of the year.

Only one problem,it gets too busy. Weddings, shopping madness, traffic, budget issues… Life gets crowded. It is easy to miss out on an important person, an engagement, rest, or opportunity. This season is even more complicated because of politics!

Have you ever been

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Voter Registration is painless, I promise.

So I got myself registered to vote on Day 2 at the Hospital Hill High School centre which covers Karura ward, Westlands constituency, Nairobi County. I hope that my experience will encourage you to register;we have allowed hooligans to reign for too long.

So this is what you can expect when you go in to register.

1. Depending on the number of people at the poll, you will probably have to que. My husband and I qued for about 42 minutes but recorded that each person before us took an average of between 3 & 4 minutes to complete the entire process. #Tip My parents taught me to always try and be at the center as early as possible as it saves time

2. Once you get to the first clerk, you will be asked to give either your ID/Passport and the clerk will fill in your details in a Declaration form which you will sign when you are done with the process.

3. You will be invited to take a seat as the second clerk now keys in your ID into the computer. If, like me you are changing your original center (from the referendum or previous election), the clerk will ask for your telephone and email address.

4. The clerk will then invite you to stand and place your right hand (minus the thumb) on the finger print identification machine.A beep and his approval will let you know that all data has been captured. The process is the same for your left hand and subsequently the two thumbs together.

5. You will then be asked to seat and face the camera attached to Clerk 2’s laptop and depending on the view you may be asked to adjust your seating. I noticed that the software will reject a shot that is either too dark or snapped outside the designated green circle.

6. After that, clerk 1 will hand you a filled declaration form for you to sign just to verify that you have not registered before or been barred from registering. He will also hand you over an acknowledgement slip roughly the size of the old voters cards that has your details as follows; Name, ID, Ward, Constituency & County. I think some centres are laminating this slips but I got mine without lamination. Once this is done, your Identification is returned and you are done.

I noticed with my centre, we were not allowed to park inside since the school was closing and parents were collecting their children.

I told you, it is painless. You still have slightly 20 days please go out and register, it time.


An Invitation to plant Apple Trees- Any Takers?

If you grew up round about the time that I did, then you might remember an English course book called ‘What a Fright’,a collection of delightful tales and fables which, in hindsight were loaded with deep life lessons.


I will share one of my favourite stories as I remember it. It was called ‘Old Apple Seed John’ the story of a man who loved apples -rather their core. He spent a great deal of time coring apples and keep the cores in a sack. Pretty soon, everyone thought him bonkers and thus nicknamed him, ‘Old Apple Seed John.’ He rounded up neighbourhood children and charged them with collecting as many apple cores as they could find. After many days, his sack was finally filled with apples cores and he set off the long road with the sack on his back. This village was a buzz with how his madness had gone a notch higher.

Pretty soon, Old Apple Seed John got to the end of the country road and began to do a most amazing thing; he dug neat holes on either side of the road and carefully put in the apple seeds drawn from the cores until the sack was empty.Old Apple Seed John went back home and got about with his work, but each time his sack filled he went right back and continued where he left off.

He did die after a while but that was just the beginning; the apple seeds blossomed into beautiful trees that provided shade and fruit to travellers coming into town. Each time, they asked where did this fruit come from and the answer, “Old Apple Seed John planted the trees”. By now, all the villagers has understood that Old Apple Seed John’s madness was actually, foresight.


Old Apple Seed John-Bonkers & all

This story came to me as I was going about my middle class life you know; shopping for brands, complaining about traffic, whining on twitter, looking up from my high kitchen window at the goings on in life. Suddenly, it did not feel like a favourite story any more. Instead, it was a painful smack upside my head. Who is planting the apple seeds of Kenya  for the years to come? Who is willing to risk being called crazy so the future generations of Kenya can munch on trees of juicy fruit and enjoy acres of shade? Who is getting off the rat race to collect the seeds of the future? Who/Where is Old Apple Seed John/Jane? Any Takers?