Members of Parliament are NOT pigs!

Clearly I am losing my metal; see unlike patriotic Kenyans who adorned white shirts, convened at Uhuru for the #OccupyParliament match, I watched it from the comfort of my workplace.I was comfortably tweeting from my desk as Kenyans were mercilessly drenched by the mean ‘Black Marias’, saturated in tear gas, clobbered and arrested. For this, I salute the brave men and women who stand up for the nation’s honor.

I just have a little tiny big issue with what went down today;the pigs. I am a pig farmer and today, the key goal of the match was nearly lost on me at the sight of those pigs. For starters, that was Kes 100,000 worth of stock but that is beside the point. The distress that caused on the animals is what brought me to near tears as I took distressing calls from my own mother and sister(we grew up in a farm). The display of a severed pig head, suckling piglets and a nursing sow that was continuously fed on molasses and what the protestors called ‘mock blood’ rubbed me the wrong way.


See I was educated on pig proceeds; which come about when a pig has been killed and EVERY part including its bristles are put to commercial use. my point, A PIG GIVES LIFE, MEAT, SKIN, BRISTLES AND ALL so you can walk to the delicatessen to get your kick of pork products. Pigs are clean, economical animals that exhibit much intelligence and they are willing to give their lives so we can have the delicious products it yields. That sacrifice gave me and my siblings an education.

I have a problem with that visual; It is not at all representative of our members of parliament none at all;. In fact it is the very opposite of what these legislators stand for, they are not MPIGS that is too good a title for them.

A pig is not inconvenienced; it sacrifices its very life for the comfort of pork


5 thoughts on “Members of Parliament are NOT pigs!

  1. “…and they are willing to give their lives so we can have the delicious products it yields”. This is very untrue. Humans are killers who kill them without them having a choice! All animals have feelings and they wouldn’t give their lives up just for you to enjoy a meal for 30-60minutes. Their entire life is sacrificed – the young ones lose their fathers/mothers/brothers/sisters!

    MPigs are doing the same – for their own welfare & pockets, they are ignoring 40million Kenyans! Police, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Lecturers – never money for them despite their important jobs!

    1. Yeah, interesting perspective. Pigs can be cute and the real blood was too much for me to bear. However, there is a a thin line between making a statement of lasting proportions and offense. Some things that witness deliverance and salvation to many continue to offend others. The greed of these elected public officials can and clearly has, pushed buttons which leave no limit to reactions.

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